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    Our Products & Services

    Project Finance

    Our customers can fund short-term capital intensive infrastructural projects through our project finance service. Because of the value that we offer through this service, customers participate in risk-sharing with us as we shoulder the risk of financing their infrastructural projects.

    We help customers maintain a competitive advantage by providing them with timely and sufficient project financing. For massive infrastructure projects, we provide bridge finance to enable a customer to reach a milestone and raise interim completion certificates that will unlock work-in-progress funding.

    How We Work

    Gluemark Capital Ltd offers financing services to project sponsors and investors for projects in Nigeria and Africa.

    Investor and Arranger

    We offer project financing services to project sponsors and investors in project financing for projects in real estate, renewable energy, infrastructure, technology, hospitality, and financial services sectors. Our financing models are designed to maximize economic value and returns for project sponsors, investors, and other stakeholders.

    Early Bankability Review

    Determining the viability of a project even before contemplating the process to obtain financing and reaching a final investment decision is a critical first step. Gluemark Capital and Project financing investors require a robust analysis of your project before financing commitments are provided.

    Project Financing Advisory

    A well-developed project and financing model will go a long way in getting a project off the ground. ​We provide financing advisory service, developing a fair and attractive deal structure and financial model to determine the appropriate valuation range necessary to qualify for competitive financing.

    Tier1 Project Finance Network

    In order to arrange financing for projects, we engage the broad sectors knowledge of our team in financial engineering, accounting, taxation, economics, ESG, and our strategic relationships with top-tier legal firms, accredited financing sources, including investment banks, insurance companies, pension funds, and venture capital firms to meet our clients’ project financing needs.

    Our Project Financing Services

    General Project Transaction Advisory

    Project Financing Arrangement

    Risk Management

    Infrastructure Finance Technology

    Capital Optimization

    Policy and Regulation

    Guarantee Program