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Gluemark Capital Ltd.

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Gluemark Capital Ltd.

Creating Shared Value for Sustainable Growth

Gluemark Capital Ltd is a wholly owned private Limited Liability Company, incorporated in Nigeria to transact all classes of financial services to individual, businesses and Government agencies.

Highly solution driven and customer-centric with versed experience in Fund Management to provide balanced financial services. We offer products and services ranging from loans, Investment, Financial advisory service etc.

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Inspiration, innovation, & countless opportunities.

Gluemark Capital Ltd. provides Financial & Investment Products and Advisory Services for both its public & private clients tailored to suit various needs in an ever changing business environment to enable companies and businesses to stay competitive.

Financial Experts at your fingertips.

Tell us a bit about yourself… and we’ll show you the benefits of our financial products & services.

We are Innovative

We are a solutions provider, not just a financier.

We are Purpose-driven

Truly pan-African, we work to accelerate impact.

We are Collaborative

We work closely with project sponsors.

We are Entrepreneurial

Our mindset is underlined by our concept-to-execution view.

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Contact us to discuss how we can help you experience the full possibility of your wealth. We bring you a team of specialists carefully curated to match your goals.

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